At Harrow, we honour the natural produce of our lands to deliver an authentic, timeless and immersive experience. With a sense of event and celebration and anchored with the basics of warm Irish hospitality, this marriage of classic and contemporary will make you feel as though Harrow has been in business, and you’ve been a regular, forever.

Steak & Seafood hold the core of our contemporary menu. The use of unapologetic and unpretentious plating techniques respects the traditions of the past, as we propel into the future. Our Himalayan Salt Chamber is used to dry-age our prime cuts of Irish Beef while our local fishermen brave the Wild Atlantic to deliver premium seafood daily. The exuberant colours and flavours of India can be found in a number of carefully curated dishes and cocktails.

The impressive hand-crafted, and heartily stocked Cocktail Bar is manned by our skilled mixologist who boasts a slavish allegiance to the craft of fine cocktail making.

Our extensive wine list provides you with unparalleled choice and quality, from familiar favourites to the rare and exclusive. Our wine list will be sure to satisfy even the most demanding palate, and we hope it reflects the great care, time and passion we have poured into building this collection.

The Harrow is used to break down and refine soil in preparation for, and to embed the seed after sowing. It represents the re-birth and evolution of our expertly sourced, local fare. Quite simply, it begins and completes the miraculous circle of growth. 

Harrow Restaurant Killarney
27 High Street Killarney
(064) 6630766

Reopening Friday February 10th 2023


Dinner – Friday to Sunday from 5:00 pm

Sunday Lunch from 12:30pm to 3:30pm every Sunday